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"RPG" Bot

From: Hacker Bot! - Choose Your Adventure | Original Sketch

Completion date: 2018

Time to create: 1 week

Cosplay components: EVA foam, a ski mask, recycled gloves

I know, I know.... this looks like Destiny's Exo design. And you're pretty much correct!

Before I moved to LA, I built multiple DRONE costumes, the Techno Turian, and I wanted to start my YT channel. So I tried my hand at making a super fast costume for a quick role-playing/Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style video. I never finished the project, but love the concept, and it's all shot. I'd love to return to this idea some day with a better design and with multiple timeline threads.

The Sketch

The Build

While the focus of this build was on the helmet, the rest of the costume's pretty neat too. 

The jump suit and gloves are recycled from DRONE (one of my short films), the shin guards are from my friend Micah, and the jacket actually what I wear regularly today. I love that popped collar...

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