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A Film by Matt Esteron
27 Minutes, HD 2:35:1


Ridley, D2's voice

D2, Ridley's voice

Companion Rory

Key Scavenger 1

Scavenger 2, 2nd Sound Op

Sniper Scavenger, AD, Transport

Scavenger 3, PA

Scavenger 4, 2nd AD

Scavenger 5, CGI Assist

Scavenger 6

Scavenger 7

Scavenger 8

Scavenger 9

Scavenger 10



Director, Writer, Producer


Gaffer, Advisor

Gaffer PA

Stunt Coordinator

Sound Operator


BTS Recorder

CGI Assist

Film Club President 2016/Producer

Script Advisor

Producer/OC Film Department Head

Justin Torno

Tony Hannawacker

Ronee Collins

Marcos Sagrero

Dale Walker

Grace Foxworth

Cade Feldmeier

Maia Stoehr

Nicholas B. Zacovic

Emilee Rose Jankowski

Shane Winge

Alex Hunnel

Joseph Esteron

Aubrey Esteron

Fiona McLennan


Matt Esteron

Craig Allen

Phil Wilson

Micah Fusco

Elizabeth Sarah Cotter

Jeremy Minard

Johnny Suomu

James Courtright

Kristian Forrest Nelson

Eric Jordon Mattos

Nicole Gonzalez

Tim Hagan

Special thanks include: Aubrey and Tim Esteron, Mike brothers, Terry Vinson, Logan Mullin, Josh Esteron, Tylor Johnson, Mike Downum, Ben Blankenship, Mathew Swager.

Along with: TurboSquid, Adobe, Moses Lake Sand Dunes National Park, Olympic College, SGOC, and the OC Film Club.

Teaser Trailer

Official Trailer

Edited by Samurai Kibiji

MoPop Trailer


Shot Film

Released 2017

Ridley, a robot with extraordinary abilities, is stranded on a hostile planet and must escape.

The year is 2197, a 1980's retro envisioned future where science fiction and space ships flood the world. Dr. Rory, a double agent and scientist for Veil Intel, a shady organization, finally creates the "first true" sentient robot named Ridley. The trick? An Omni Drive: a device that allows the flow of emotions to be processed without overloading a machine's central processor. Withou tthe drive, Ridley is a fumbling mess, unable to control his thoughts or feelings with child-like curious manner. With the drive, he can feel; his mind is more powerful than any being capable of thought in the galaxy. However, there is more than one robot. D2, Rory’s second most recent project and “older brother” to Ridley, is incapable of having a drive as powerful as Ridley’s. Driven by unstable emotion, D2 takes Ridley’s schematics and leaves their home. Soon after, Rory is discovered and takes Ridley and flees. Rory and Ridley become separated, with Rory safe and sound and Ridley crash landing on an unknown desert planet. He wakes up with the drive missing, his mind racing, lost, alone. Flashes of his past haunt him as he looks for the drive. All the while, he is hunted.

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