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DRONE - Short Film

Ridley, D2, Rory, and set design from DRONE

From: DRONE - original short film

Completion date: 2015

Time to create: 3 Months

Cosplay components: EVA foam, morphsuit, misc fabrics, sand shoes, a toy bubble blower.

There was my college Magnum Opus! I wanted to leave college hitting a home run with the coolest sci-fi short any 19yo has ever made!

Here we have:

Ridley - The new robot in town, pristine paint job and sleek clothes, complete with converses. I didn't want Ridley to be big either, that he could become great through other means outside physical strength.

D2 - The original robot, the "older brother." He's weathered and had the most costume swaps given the time jump in the story. His outfit was fun to figure out, especially since most hoods will not fit over a giant elongated boxy head!

Rory -The only human in the short film, and the most grounded. I really wanted to play off the idea that she was a mother and inventor, while trapped inside a facility that watches all. 

The set - Goodwill was a life saver here. Get some shelves, stack as many old 80s and 90s tech with screens on top of each other, VFX the screen later, you're good! I had no idea what I was doing.

While the costumes weren't exactly translated from the concept art, I got pretty close. This was the start of my obsession with 80s retro futurism.

Special thanks to everyone who worked on the scavenger costumes, who also doubled as the desert scavengers, AND to everyone who had donated their time, energy, and misc materials for the scavenger costumes

The Short Film

The Costume Builds

First time using EVA foam in any capacity, let's make walking boxy robots!

The Set Builds

Get a ton of old tech from Goodwill, swap it onto a wall, add some LED lights, call it a day! I also built a fake cockpit out of PVC pipes and painted a ton of broken keyboards for an added level of sci-fi mumbo jumbo visual goodness.

This was also the first time I dabbled in expanded universe prop building. In Rory's office, I wrote a certificate and badge just to help make her office feel lived in.

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