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WEBSITE UPDATE! Finally! (Re-Post)

FINALLY!! My website has been updated!

Rebranded, design tweaked, pages reorganized and added; this bad boi can fit so many portfolio displays!

I've been spending tons of time since, like February updating this thang! Wix changed out how they design website so I had to start from scratch, AND keep in mind the different sizes of how things are designed between desktop (and I'm on a 4k monitor), mobile and tablet! GAH! But it's done.

I wanted it done in time for NAB (which was a huge deal for me) but bittersweetly, it was done after the fact. But it's done now and it's ready for CineGear and other sharing!I'm hoping to direct a lot of filmmakers, fellow robots, collaborators, and peeps just simply curious about my art work to the website. It's both a portfolio platform and a resume calling card.

I'll highlight my "L0Fi/Circuit Breakers" web show page first, but feel free to check out other pages too!

Ok I'll add one more link. The front page is suppose to look like a linktree-like page, something MEGA easy to read incase peeps don't want to look through the website, maybe they just want to see the other platforms like twitter, patreon, youtube, etc. It's the main page since that's the QR code I got.

Anyways, I hope you're doing alright, robutts!Next step, open up a blog spot on the website where I'll have rambles similar to here, Patreon will have a fuller content plan, I'm DEVELOPING a content plan, while going back to writing Circuit Breakers, looking for more editing work, and finishing older projects as well. that's a list. LET'S DO THIS!


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