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Circuit Breakers Cast (So Far)

WHAT'S THIS? A post that's not just an "I'm busy" update?! That's right! I got some Circuit Breaker News!

Introducing the cast of "Circuit Breakers!" This show will have primarily robots and object heads as the cast. While there are human characters, they're primarily pushed to the side as background characters and maybe a few select side characters.

Here's each character's Name, species, note about their design, and their personality:

L0Fi, robot. I hope to have 2.0's version out soon, but I'll focus on everyone else's design first. The naive artist who’s a little socially out there, yet awkward and doesn’t understand everything. He desperately wants to relate with people.

Lux, robot. Definitely needs some accessories and a modified head that doesn't look like Celti. The heavy go-getter who won’t take a break, the one everyone aspires to be, but is a little worried for. He’s traumatized.

Astro, object head/spirit. Still deciding on the final design. The one who gave up, but probably the most normal and relatable for every-day people. Why sacrifice job security for a hobby?

D3, spirit who took over a robots body. Redesigned in the concept art, similar to D2 and Ridley. Perhaps one of the most fun characters I like to have around! His powers know no bounds, but if only he could control them.

Red, robot. His design's good. The other side to L0Fi and Lux, what if you pursued art just for the money? What if he’s just a trend follower? Faker.

Kit, object head. She’s good, though might make her arms float. Also socially awkward, but embodies the idea of art just being a hobby. Wildly smart however constantly second guessing herself.

Triveni, seemingly robot. I like this design, may need details though. Also a very powerful being, maybe with telekinetic abilities too! But what’s his deal?!

Ray, robot. Nice design. "Alright, old hag, we get it, you were cool back then. But the future is now! Is that why you’re going back to school?"

Nova, object head. Needs redesigning, I just don’t know what yet. Gotta be similar to Astro though. Not much is known about Nova otherwise, except he thinks popped collars is cool.

NPCs. I’ll definitely need to create misc designs for characters in the background. And make more characters with more optics/faces. And perhaps a few more object heads like pumpkins or lamps. And make some that’re a lot more traditionally robotic. Not much a fan of Cyberpunk 2077’s android aesthetic, think more like Johnny 5, or daft punk. It’s a REALLY weird line.

These are just the first drafts, but whatcha think of these designs? I'd love your thoughts on them! Stay artsy~

(Also you can read this same post on Patreon if you feel like donating some funds for the project!


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