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Circuit Breakers

Step into the world of "Circuit Breakers," our upcoming web series about a group of robots (L0Fi and his friends) pursuing to become artists in a corporate world. Check out our exclusive sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes content. 


In an alternate reality where everyone's a robot or object head, we follow the lives of a group of friends in their pursuit of becoming artists in a corporate governed world.

It's a post-modern sci-fi world with retro futuristic influences. 7 mega corporations rule the world. Space time fissures across the universe started appearing. Aliens have made contact with Earth 30 years ago. And the only thing people care about are the latest online trends.

It's a show about self expression, self acceptance. Essentially, what if Daft Punk made movies? It's a sci-fi Helluva Boss meets Andor with elements of Scott Pilgrim.

Here's what we have so far!

The show opens with a slice of life episodic season where L0Fi and his friends are living a traditional mundane life,  talking about their job, having relationship problems, and sometimes taking a space vacation.

Currently, we have a pilot season and a full season 1 planned out with a lot of room for potentially 3 seasons following and more. As the series progresses, a more serious tone creeps into the story. One of the Mega Corps CEO gets looses an interdimensional item that L0Fi finds at the end of the first season. And this leads to L0Fi and his friend's reality shifting abilities taking form. 

The show follows an assortment of fun robot and object head characters:

L0Fi, a young naïve robot, a wanna-be who procrastinates, pursuing filmmaking.

Lux, a sassy robot with a can-do attitude who has a job everywhere, pursuing a narrative writer's job. 

Astro, the every-day man as an object-head, he's given up on art and is waiting for the world to move on.

D3, a robot with an unknown past, unknown drive, yet has the ability to teleport at will...if he can focus.

Season 1 is as follows:

L0Fi is trying to make a commercial in hopes of attracting a studio for a new job. Mean while, Lux' relationship is falling apart, and Astro and D3 are stranded through uniquely different locations caused by D3's teleporting glitch. It's at the end that we're introduced to Triveni, one of the CEO's that rule the world. 


Season 2 gets tricky.

Relationships are tested further, while fissures in space time become more prominent in this world, yet no one knows what's causing these fissures. Could L0Fi's group of friends (Circuit Breakers) be the cause? We're also introduced to more characters such as Kit, Ray, Nova and Red. Abilities are brewing and these mega corps scheme while these artistic robots gain a larger understanding of themselves.

Season 3 is where we tie everything together.

The mundane becomes epic, everyone's abilities are realized, yet they conflict with one another. Every character must settle their differences or risk being forgetting in reality. 

Meet the Robots!

Circuit Breakers is about non-humans who seem "more human than human." While some of these characters are robots, some are also object heads too, a coined term and character type that's become popular online lately (as of the 2010s). 

I found it fascinating how many can express themselves while wearing an object over their heads. So characters like Astro, Kit and Ray are object heads, each representing a different emotion. Kit is a nervous nerd, constantly buying and ordering merchandise from her favorite franchise. Ray is an old fashioned gal who's trying to understand modern trends.

And how to object heads work in this world? Through the magic of television!

"It's kinda like this mixed with that..."

Imagine if Syd Mead's concept art came to life, and it was directed by Gareth Edwards, and edited by Edgar Wright.

That's Circuit Breakers. 

Or take Helluva Boss meets Andor, with a sprink of Scott Pilgrim. 

Enjoy my summized moodboard below!

Enjoy a quick mood board for what Circuit Breakers should feel like. 


Daft Punk RAM photo.

Sci-fi ambience on YouTube

Star Wars A New Hope trench graphics, photo by David Pezcovitz

80's living room photo, article written by Lisa Dawson

Drawing of a robot, by Well Rex

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Thanks for watching! Stay artsy~

While we're developing the series, take a gander at our previous videos.

I have been making a lot of fun slice of life videos featuring L0Fi and co in different scenarios for fun, all of which have helped me create this world. And many of these videos remain canon in the timeline of Circuit Breakers. Feel free to give them a watch!

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