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Mass Effect Is GREAT

Oh man, what's not to say about Mass effect. For those who don't know, Mass Effect is my all time favorite franchise! It's not just my fave video game (series) or story, it's my favorite everything! The story is amazing, the characters are lovable, the choices you make are gripping, and to top it all off, it takes place in the best sci-fi universe anyone can create. It inspired me more than any other franchise out there, and it's a game that's left the biggest impact on my life. Shall we begin? (Also I wrote this on a plane with 30min left on my laptops battery, this post is a little rushed). For those who don't know, Mass Effet is a game series developed by Bioware. The first game was relea

Blade Runner

Alright! So what got me into making movies or even wanting to pursue making movies?! Star Wars!...ok I won't pick Star Wars. For real though, Blade Runner was the film that really awakened and made me feel like movie making might just be my career. The visuals, the soundtrack, the subtle story beats, the themes of the movie. Everyone's written about Blade Runner already, so this is just my thoughts and rambles about one of my favorite movies. Let's get into it! I was already a fan of sci-fi, and now getting into movie making, I kept hearing about this movie that "this game" or "this comic" was based on. I got into Battlestar Galactica (2003) and watched some of the behind the scenes where Ja

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